Customer Consent Management in OroCommerce

Customer Consent Management in OroCommerce
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Short Overview

With the adoption of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies that sell to the EU-based customers and have EU site visitors must adapt the way they manage private customer data. Getting buyers’ freely given, informed, and explicit consent to process their personal data as well as giving them more control over such information are critical to the GDPR compliance. Our new Consent Management extension makes it easier for OroCommerce store owners to get sites compatible with this GDPR obligation.

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OroCommerce Consent Management extension is a tool designed to help OroCommerce site owners to profile customers and process their personal data in line with GDPR rules.

With this extension, you can:

  • Enable and configure user consents globally and per website
  • Create mandatory and optional consents with detailed descriptions
  • Enable consents for your storefront
  • Add consent landing pages to web catalogs
  • Keep track of declined consents by receiving declined consent notifications
  • Let guest users read and accept mandatory and/or optional agreements to their personal data processing when registering an account on your site
  • Enable customers to view, accept, and revoke consents on their profile pages in the storefront.

Recommended: For more details on maintaining GDPR compliance with OroCommerce, download our free comprehensive Getting Ready for GDPR guide.

Before installing an extension please check Oro Documentation for extensions installation and management instructions.

An extension for OroCommerce 2.6 that provides the ability to manage various consents (optional and required) to be accepted by the storefront customers during registration, RFQ submission, and checkout.


  • 2.6.17
  • 2.6.16
  • 2.6.15
  • 2.6.14
  • 2.6.13
  • 2.6.12


  • 1.6.17
  • 1.6.16
  • 1.6.15
  • 1.6.14
  • 1.6.13
  • 1.6.12
  • 1.6.1
  • 1.6.0
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