OroCommerce DPD Integration

OroCommerce DPD Integration
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Short Overview

Ensure on-time product deliveries to your business customers using the integration of OroCommerce B2B platform with the major delivery operator DPD. DPD built-in features, will empower your B2B buyers to track orders and print parcel labels, find most convenient pickup parcelshops, and create specific postcode rules based on local calendars.

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Dynamic Parcel Distribution known as DPD is one of the world’s leading parcel service providers that operates in 230 countries.

The DPD tools integrated into your shipping solutions include

  • Parcel label printing used to easy and quickly create parcel labels
  • Parcel tracking used to check the order’s shipping status
  • Pickup parcelshop finder allowing to locate a customer’s most prefered pickup spots
  • Postcode rules enabling to arrange parcel shipments with the regard of territory-specific holidays and other events that may affect duly deliveries

Before installing an extension please check Oro Documentation for extensions installation and management instructions.

To  configure the integration with DPD please follow the recommendations for shipping integrations described in the Documentation.


  • 1.6.0
  • 1.3.0
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