OroCommerce InfinitePay Integration

OroCommerce InfinitePay Integration
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Short Overview

InfinitePay is a holistic approach to fully automated, secure payment processing in eCommerce ideally suited for B2B online shop operators. Delight your B2B customers by offering them the online payment option that allows for purchasing goods on open account terms.

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InfinitePay is a native B2B payment system targeting eCommerce merchants that enables a fully automated and secure online payments. With InfinitePay online shops operators can offer their customers a highly preferable “purchase on account” payment option for orders up to 50K Euro or even more.

If a customer is unable to meet the due date of the bill, InfinitePay can take over your due receivables allowing you to only use the advantages of intelligent risk control. The InfinitePay integration allows to get invoices to be timely paid covering the risk of accounting losses. Once an invoice is set for payment, InfinitePay verifies a purchasing institution and determines whether the client is eligible for the invoice payment. If not, the client will be asked to select a different payment method.


To configure InfinitePay, navigate to Configuration → Commerce → Payment → Infinite Pay.

There are Display Options like bundle activation status and labels for frontend display. The account data (provided by InfinitePay upon registration) need to be filled out under Credentials.

In Advanced Options, Auto Capture and/or Auto Activation is enabled.


At the checkout, a customer has to provide their billing address. For a successful payment request, the customer should specify all the data marked as mandatory. On the payment step, if InfinitePay was selected as payment provider, the email address and legal form (Freelancer, GbR) should be specified.

Payment Finalization

There’re two ways of marking an invoice as paid:

  • Auto detection by InfinitePay: the shop owner should book this option with InfinitePay and make the company bank account accessible to InfinityPay.
  • Informing InfinitePay when the money for an order (respective invoice) was received. To make this possible, it’s necessary to trigger an Apply Transaction to InfinityPay referencing the order ID.


Before installing an extension please check Oro Documentation for extensions installation and management instructions.

To expose InfinitePay service as a payment method for OroCommerce orders and quotes please follow the recommendations for the integration of new payment providers described in the Documentation.


  • 1.6.0
  • 1.3.0
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