OroCommerce Wirecard Integration

OroCommerce Wirecard Integration
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Short Overview

Wirecard is Europe's leading provider of secure electronic payment processing solutions for all of widespread world’s currencies. By utilizing the Wirecard Checkout Seamless solution designed for OroCommerce, you create a single payment interface for your webshop and cover all popular payment options your business customers would instantly appreciate.

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Wirecard is a proven provider of white label solutions for online payments. Wirecard Checkout Seamless enables shop owners to seamlessly integrate all relevant payment input fields directly into the interface of their webstores. You don’t have to keep all confidential customer payment data on your own as it’s processed via Wirecard CEE.

To learn more about using and integrating Wirecard Checkout Seamless, click here. To integrate OroCommerce with Wirecard follow the  recommendations for the integration of new payment providers described in the Documentation.

Wirecard Checkout Seamless allows to easily process the following payment methods displayed in the frontend at the checkout:

  • Creditcard
  • PayPal (Wallet)

Before installing an extension please check Oro Documentation for extensions installation and management instructions.


  • 1.6.0
  • 1.3.0
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