QUANTA - OroCommerce application profiler

QUANTA – OroCommerce application profiler
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Short Overview

If you are an OroCommerce store owner or integrator you probably know that having a fast experience for your store visitors has a huge impact on turnover. Thanks to QUANTA you'll easily drive your webperformance, optimize your site speed, and communicate with your teams. QUANTA helps you focusing on what matters for your business : conversion !

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With Quanta and its dedicated profiler for OroCommerce you can :

Optimize your web application

Quanta allows you, thanks to a set of synthetic external requests and a dedicated application profiler built to run on top of your OroCommerce production environment, to locate in 2 clicks :

  • the precise source of a possible bottleneck inside the code
  • the frontend optimizations that are required for a smooth user experience on all devices
  • the external tags or modules that can slow down your store

Focus on what matters

Linked to your Google Analytics account, Quanta offers a pragmatic view of the quick wins, meaning the optimizations that are both:

  • the simplest to implement
  • the most impactful on your conversion rate

React in real-time

Rather than discovering a bug in your store through the complaints of your customers, Quanta alerts you pro-actively when a slight slowdown starts to occur in your sales funnel. Get alerted by email, text message, Slack or event custom webhooks.

Prepare for peak traffic

With Quanta, you will be able to:

  • Stress-test and measure the capacity of your store.
  • Compare load test results with real user traffic already experienced in the past.
  • Identify precisely the next optimization which will allow you to host more visitors at the same time.

Visualize your infrastructure health

Like a flight recorder, Quanta records every minute the health status of each server and service required for your store to run, and keeps it for months or even years. It relies on a lightweight agent which is “cloud ready” and can thus be deployed automatically on any infrastructure.

Share relevant insights with your teams

With a collaborative event system, you can centralize important information regarding the day to day life of your store, for example:

  • launch of a new Marketing campaign,
  • deployment of a new release,
  • comments regarding the analysis of a slowdown.
Pay what you need ! Starting @ 590$ / mo.
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